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Empowering you with the tools to manage volatile prices and unstable yields. Optimize your profits, unlock and tokenize your future yield, and manage your risks. Pryzm is the layer 1 blockchain for yield optimization.

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Introducing fresh techniques for profit maximization.

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Unleash Unprecedented Real-Yield Opportunities

Discounted Tokens, Amplified Growth

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Elevate Your Portfolio with Certainty

Preserve Voting Power

Liquid voting power with LSDs and Fixed Yield Tokens

Instant Unstaking, Real Liquidity

Practical choice for Liquid Staking Derivatives

Trade Confidently

Advanced yield AMM, Amplified Liquidity, Better Prices

Unparalleled Trading Prospects Await

Transform your future yield into tradable tokens. Explore Pryzm’s Decentralized Exchange to buy or sell yield with ease.

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Built for Builders

Deploy smart permissionless contracts to harness the power of yield and principal tokens.

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Empower your projects with Permisionless Smart Contract execution on the Pryzm Blockchain


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Unleash the potential of Yield and Principal tokens.

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No private rounds. Full community backing from thousands of participants in StakeDrop and continuing. Decentralized, fair and scalable finance.

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